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Range Beanie Cap Olive

Merk:Helikon Tex

Range Beanie Cap Black

RANGE Beanie® Cap is based on the famous USMC Beanie Cap. Made of lightweight, breathable and yet very warm Grid Fleece, the cap was adjusted to perfectly fit any ear protection. On front and back of the cap there are two soft velour Velcro panels for patches. At the top of the cap there is a small velour square for IFF patch. Additionally, on the back of the cap there is a small, zippered pocket for emergency ear plugs or other similarly small items. On the back, right under the Velcro, there is a cord loop, that allows you to hang the cap on a carabiner. Thanks to the small dimensions of the cap, you can always have it with you in your pouch.

Prijs:€ 15,90



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