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Mechanix Fastfit Covert D4


Mechanix Fastfit Covert D4

Mechanix FastFit Covert D4-360 cut-resistant gloves protect law enforcement officers in the field with EN 388: 2016 Level D and ANSI A4 cut resistance. The glove is anatomically designed to conform to the natural shapes of the hand using three-dimensional design, and it fits snugly on the hand. The FastFit Covert D4-360 is made of carbon coated touchscreen-ready synthetic leather with a lining of cut-resistant Armortex®. The FastFit Covert D4-360 offers an unmatched fit with TrekDry™ evaporative cooling and rugged carry pockets for in-the-field storage.

Breathable TrekDry® keeps hands comfortably cool.
Armortex® inner layer provides 360° cut resistance to EN 388:2016 Level D and ANSI A4.
The elastic stretch cuffs ensure a secure fit.
Anatomically designed two-piece palm prevents wrinkling.
Narrowed fingertips improve fingertip strength and durability.
The 0.6mm thick synthetic leather provides dexterity and features touchscreen technology.
Nylon carrying loops for storage.
Machine washable.

Performance level according to CE EN 388 Abrasion resistance: 4
CE EN 388 cut resistance performance level: X
CE EN 388 performance level Tear resistance: 2
Performance level according to CE EN 388 Tear resistance: 4
Performance level according to CE EN 388 Puncture resistance: 3
Performance level according to EN ISO 13997 TDM cut resistance: D

Prijs:€ 29,95



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