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Warrior DCS Releasable Plate Carrier MC

Merk:Warrior Assault Systems

Warrior DCS Releasable Plate Carrier MC

The releasable system is a lightweight armour carrier which accepts both soft and hard armour solutions in front rear and side integrated pockets. The carrier is covered all round with multiple rows of 1 inch matched camo MOLLE webbing which allows the attachment of a large selection of pouches in multiple mission specific set ups.

Product Features

Integrated quick release mechanism.
Holds Soft and Hard Armor.
3 D Spacer Mesh lining.
Constructed from 1000D Mil Spec Camouflage fabric.
1 Inch Matched Camo Mil Spec webbing.
2 Inch Matched Camo Mil Spec webbing.
Padded Shoulders.
Light weight.
Fully adjustable.
Available in Small to Medium Medium to Large.
Weight: 3.23 lbs

Prijs:€ 185,00



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