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Berghaus SMPS Crusader WS


Berghaus SMPS Crusader WS Cedar

This backpack combines the advantages of the popular MMPS Crusader II with the Special Mission Pack System (SMPS) from Berghaus. It is possible to separate both side pockets and use them together as a 20 L day pack. The Weapon Systems variant allows quick and easy stowing and pulling of your weapon thanks to a compartment accessible from above and below. The underside of the weapon bag can be rolled up and secured with 2 buckles. On the front there are 2 clips for attaching hiking sticks or an ice pick. Other loops on the side pockets are designed to hold skis. For added stability, a reinforcing metal frame is installed in the back area.One of the most important points to remember is hydration during hiking or other activities, this backpack has a holding device for a Hydropack, 2 protected openings on the sides are provided for running drinking hoses.

- Material: 100% Nylon (Armadura 1000D)
- Dimensions: 88 x 57 x 35 cm
- Measures unfolded: 121 x 57 x 45 cm
- Volume: 90 L + 20 L
- Weight: approx. 4.7 kg

Verkrijgbaar in de maten:

2 = 160-173cm
3 = 170-183cm
4 = 183-198cm

Prijs:€ 390,00



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