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Warrior Double OpenMag Pouch M4 CT

Merk:Warrior Assault Systems

Warrior Double OpenMag Pouch M4 CT

The Warrior Assault System Double 5.56mm Open Mag Pouch is designed for quick magazine changes,
the plastic material inside also prevents the magazines from falling out,
therefore the pouch can be used with or without a rubber band,
2 Molleband loops allow the attachment of additional pouches,
for the following magazines: 5,56 mm M4, SA80 (not for G36).
Dimensions: approx. 15 x 2 x 13,5 cm (LxWxH),
Weight approx. 170 g.

The WAS equipment pouches are equipped with a Molle fastening system,
i.e. the bags can be attached very flexibly to vests, chest rigs, backpacks and belts.

Made of water-repellent 1000D Cordura, all webbing according to US Mil Spec, the materials used have the lowest infrared values (99.8%) and are produced according to military specifications.

Prijs:€ 36,00




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