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Warrior Horizontal Pouch

Merk:Warrior Assault Systems

Warrior Horizontal Pouch

Verkrijgbaar in de kleuren: Olive (OD), Coyote (COY)

Warrior Assault Systems Horizontal Velcro Mag Pouch has been designed to be compatible with the full range of Warriors armour carriers and chest rigs (LPC, RPC, DCS, RCR and FCR). The HVMP quickly attaches via Velcro to the front or rear of the carrier. Simply slot inbetween the

Velcro strips on inside the plate pocket.

The mag pockets are designed for 5.56mm NATO magazines, however because they are attached via MOLLE they can be removed and replaced with 7.62mm magazines. (sold Separately)

The HMVP is ideal for operators who require a slim profile but need to carry extra mags. Excellent in the prone position.

Prijs:€ 59,00



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