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Silva Expedition 360 Global


Silva Expedition 360 Global

The Silva Expedition Global is flexible and can be used worldwide thanks to the global needle. The compass comes with a piste map and a distance band. The slope map is useful both to identify the avalanche risk and to determine the challenge of your trip. If you know the slope, you can also judge the extra distance you will have to cover due to the slope. The distance lanyard has two scales; 1:25 and 1:50, which you can use to measure the distance of your hike. Since it is soft and pliable, it is easy to place it directly on your route on the map.
Expedition Global features a DryFlex™ handle for easy handling, a clinometer to measure tilt angle, and a built-in adjuster for magnetic declination. It also provides map measurements in mm, inches, scales of 1: 25k, 1: 40k, 1: 50k and GPS scales. The base plate has a curved shape at the back end for a perfect fit in the hand, a magnifying glass and rubber friction feet for precise map work. The clear arrow and scales / markings in a clear, contemporary font combined with plenty of transparency in the baseplate make navigation easy. When activated in the light, the luminous markings and graduation ring allow for night navigation. The red / black north / south lines in the base of the capsule make for easy and safe setting down. The needle is made of the finest Swedish steel with high quality magnetic properties.

Global needle (MN, ME, MS).
360° graduation.
Clear and easy to read.
Patented red/black north-south lines in capsule base.
Clinometer for measuring the angle of inclination.
Silicone rubber feet for precise map work.
Plane pointer.
Magnifying lens.
Photoluminescent elements.
Adjustable declination.
Ruler in cm and inch.
Lid with magnifying mirror and bearing aperture.
Can ring with DryFlex™ rubber grip.
Removable safety strap with 2 scales.
Scales 1:25,000, 1:40,000, 1:50,000, GPS scales.

Dimensions: 60 x 127 x 13 mm.
Weight: approx. 52 g.

Prijs:€ 69,00



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