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KMC Pro Mix 720g

Merk:Kendal Mint

KMC Pro Mix Whey Protein Recovery 720g Choco mint

Delicious Chocolate Mint Flavour, Premium Whey Protein Recovery Powder. In Bigger, Better, 100% Recyclable Pouches. Easy on the stomach, Informed Sport Tested, Vegetarian & Gluten Free. 18 Serves.

Consume post workout to optimise your recovery. Add one 40g serve to 200ml of water (You can add our easily mixed recovery powder to other liquids such as milk, just use slightly more liquid when mixing).

We recommend you consume one 40g serve, within 15 - 20 minutes post exercise to Recover, Rebuild & #Recharge so that you're ready to go again.

Suitable for all Sports.

Protein is broken down into Amino acids by the body, which are important in facilitating the repair and rebuilding of muscle fibres after exercise.

KMC PRO MIX is designed to help you recovery faster and train harder. With 21g Premium Whey Protein Concentrate designed to promote muscle fibre repair and adaption post exercise.

KMC PRO MIX is seriously smooth and easy to mix, you don't even need a shaker!

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