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TT Modular Belt Set Olive

Merk:Tasmanian Tiger

TT Modular Belt Set Olive

Flat equipment belt with laser-cut MOLLE system. The belt has hook strips on the inside so you can attach it to an interior belt. It comes in four sizes and has a COBRA® buckle. The belt is 43 mm wide and on the high side there is a MOLLE slit and a loop with the measurements of 43 x 30 mm. Size S: 80 – 100 cm / Size M: 95 -115 cm / Size L: 105 -125 cm / Size XL: 115 – 135 cm

Caution!We would like to point out that the belt we offer is a safety belt that is not meant to replace professional mountaineering equipment!

Four sizes
Length size S: min. 80 - max. 100 cm / size M: min. 95 - max. 115 cm / size L: min. 105 - max. 125 cm / size XL: min. 115 - max. 135 cm
45 mm COBRA® buckle
Incl. Inner belt
With hook-and-loop closure (hooks) on the inside for attachment to an inner belt
Laser-cut MOLLE system
Number of MOLLE segments: size S: 19 / size M: 22 / size L: 25 / size XL: 28

Prijs:€ 85,00



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