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Icebein Desinfectant 500ml


Icebein Desinfectant 500ml

The disinfectant for your icebein system!

? It keeps your system hygienic and clean - both inside and out - which is crucial not only for your health but also for efficient recovery.

? This hygiene extends the lifespan of your system, while helping the environment and keeping your wallet happy at the same time.

? Want to use tap water? No problem! Thanks to our disinfectant, you can do so without losing effectiveness.

? The disinfectant provides reliable protection against bacteria, viruses, and germs - with an impressive 99.9% efficiency, while also being gentle on your skin (pH-neutral compatibility).

A bottle contains 500ml of the disinfectant.

The icebein disinfectant ensures that both you and your system stay in top shape.

Prijs:€ 10,00



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