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Ammo Pouch Flask


Ammo Pouch Flask Olive

A handy little insulted flask by Web-Tex that can keep drinks hot or cold depending on what you put in. Ideal for water, tea, coffee and much more. It can even also be used to store food such as soup or similar. The compact size means it can fit inside most pockets and is ideal for those on the move; As the name suggests, it has been shaped to perfectly fit inside a PLCE style Ammo Pouch. Great for military users but also cadets, airsoft, hiking, walking and most other outdoor uses.

Design to fit perfectly inside a PLCE Ammo Pouch but can also fit inside most other closed top mag pouches or pockets.
Made from heavy-duty stainless steel with a non-reflective matt finish
Secure screw top lid (for Coffee, Tea, Water, etc). Can be used as a flask or a mug.
Keeps food or drink warm for about 6 hours
Fits securely inside a PLCE Ammo Pouch

Length: 17 cm / 6.7"
Diameter: 7 cm / 2.76"
Capacity: 330 ml / 11.16 fl oz

Prijs:€ 12,00



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