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Helmet Ghillie Cover Gen II


Helmet Ghillie Cover Gen II

Verkrijgbaar in de kleuren:
Flecktarn = FL
Multicam = MC
Multicam Tropic = MCT
M81 US Woodland = M81

Finally, a practical helmet ghillie cover. Quickly attach via shock cord to add an extra element of concealment to your kit. Creates color, texture and shadow to instantly break up the shape and appearance of your head. Rapidly remove at any time within seconds thanks to design simplicity, or use included zip ties for a more permanent installation.

End user has the ability to install onto any device, then add additional foliage or camouflage material to meet a multitude of mission requirements, perfectly suited for your operational environment.

- Adjustable shock-cord, fits any helmet.

- Helps organize cables and other equipment already in use.

- Extremely lightweight and simple design.

- Can be stowed away into a very small space.

- Scalable structure to add local vegetation or extra material.

- Use on virtually any piece of kit such as spotting scopes, cameras or small bags.

Weight: 1 oz.

Prijs:€ 34,00



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