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Feedback Range Torque Ratchet

Merk:Feedback Sports

Feedback Range Torque Ratchet

The Feedback Sports Range is a precise torque wrench and a 2-way ratchet in a single tool. This innovative, ultra-compact tool enables simple and precise assembly, adjustment and disassembly of components.

Thanks to its anodized aluminum body in typical Feedback Sport red, it is light and stable and can be used like any 2-way ratchet.

If you need a specific torque function, simply press the torque button at the end of the key and press the Nm scale until the desired torque of 2 Nm - 10 Nm is reached on the distinctly labeled display.

The range includes 14 common hexagon socket, Torx and Phillips bits, including 2 longer bits for special requirements. The bits are made of high quality S2 steel for a long life and are housed in a slim, protective case. The labeled moulded foam inserts ensure easy removal and good organisation of the bits.

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