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Kestrel 5700 Elite with link


Kestrel 5700 Elite windmeter with link (Bluetooth).

Verkrijgbaar in de kleur: Olive (OD)


•Bluetooth LINK to Smartphones / Mobiel / Android / IOS
•Works with Bushnell CONX Range Finder
•Takes 1 AA battery (instead of 2 AAA)
•Battery door is in the back, sealed away from the motherboard, should your battery leak as was common with all the 4000 series
•Improved high resolution screen for any lighting (even sunlight) and easy on your eyes.
•Intuitive user-interface screen navigation
•Multiple Languages: English, French, German, Spanish
•Scratch and breakage-resistant window
•All meters include both options of Red (NV - Night Vision) & White backlights.
•Slightly bigger, not really noticeable difference. Fits same cases.

If you select the Bluetooth Kestrel LINK model, you'll want to download the Kestrel LiNK Ballistics app to your smart phone to load your guns / ammo to the meter. The new Kestrel Meters with Bluetooth include the software necessary to communicate wirelessly at a range of up to 100 feet with a clear line of site (walls or obstacles will effect this range).

Prijs:€ 845,00



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