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Altberg Peacekeeper P3 VS


Altberg Peacekeeper P3 VS

Peacekeeper P3VS is a dual use public order/patrol boot – based on Altberg’s best selling safety boot, the P3 Original, the specification has been changed to meet the requirements for the Public Order Standard BS7971-5 (Type 2, Level 3), and meets the S3 rating including anti-static properties.

The sole is ideal for use in urban environments and is tested to pass the higher slip resistance requirements. The Cambrelle lining is breathable and will remain comfortable during periods of prolonged use. By comparison with other makes of public order boots, the P3 is relatively lightweight and the P3 design is tried and tested for all day comfort

Protection: Steel Toecap, Steel Midsole
Leather: Full grain, water repellent, first grade 2.2-2.4mm thickness
Lining: Cambrelle® all season, comfort, non-waterproof
Midsole: 2-3 season, light flex – will ‘bed in’ with use
Sole: Eurosole® rubber, dual density – urban use – tested to BS7971-5 for slip resistance levels SRA, SRB and SRC
Weight: 999gms (size 9)
Height: 22.5cms (size 9 – includes heel)


Type 2 Level 3: Public order boot. Provides some protection against slipping and impact to toe area. Some protection against low energy impacts to remainder of foot, and against thermal hazards.
SB: Safety basic requirements: Impact protection provided is 200 joules; Compression protection provided is 15,000 newtons.
S1: Closed seat region, antistatic properties, energy absorption at the seat region
S2: As S1 plus - Water penetration and absorption of the upper
S3: As S2 plus - penetration resistance, cleated outsole
WRU: Water repellent Upper
FRU: Flame Resistant Upper
HRO: Heat Resistant Outsole (300°C)
SRA: Slip Resistance on ceramic tile floor with sodium lauryl sulphate solution
SRB: Slip Resistance on steel floor with glycerol
SRC: Slip Resistance on ceramic tile floor with sodium lauryl sulphate solution and on steel floor with glycerol

Prijs:€ 200,00



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