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Spean Bridge Commando Memorial


Spean Bridge Commando Memorial Bronze

The Commando Memorial is located at Spean Bridge, the closest village to Achnacarry, the basic training centre for a great many wartime Commandos. The spectacular monument stands on an elevated site facing towards the Western end of Scotland’s Great Glen and overlooking the River Spean and Ben Nevis.

The memorial is dedicated to the 1,700 Commandos who died in the 1939-45 war. It was formally unveiled on the 27th September 1952 by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother to a large crowd of ex-Commandos, their families and onlookers. Following the unveiling Lord Lovat, the wartime Commando leader, made an emotional address remembering the dead, and paying tribute to the sacrifice they made for their Country. Following Lovat’s address, the ceremony concluded with the playing of the lament, ‘The Flowers o’ the Forest’ by a lone piper, standing at the base of the memorial.

Hoogte: 39cm
Breedte: 18cm
Gewicht: 4,8KG
Scale 8"

Prijs:€ 399,00



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