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Mission Statement


As a professional you know to be the best. You are fanatic, you want to be the best! Any challenge can be handled. Your material is a crucial factor. It needs to be tough, robust and reliable. It need to be tested to the latest standards and needs te be top of the bill.

Are you that professional? Noorloos Specialist Equipment B.V. is your answer for all equipment! We only offer the best to the best!

We offer:
- top quality products
- top quality brands
- professional service and advice
- tactical training and education
- the best price/quality there is

Professional materials need to be the best in your line of work. We continually seek for improvements. Our customers experience that. Noorloos Specialist Equipment B.V. is THE company that can offer you the best equipment and advice.

Years of experience have led to innovative and robust materials. Nothing stands in our way as your experienced partner to support you in your performance as a professional.

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