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Jungle Recon Sock


Jungle Recon Merino Sock

Jungle Recon is perfect for longer missions in medium to heavy conditions.

Jungle Recon is calf length to be well above the Boot.

Jungle Recon Socks are made with a 4-layer Drytech structure – Different layers transfer moisture out and prevent blisters - This guarantees great breathability and moisture control.
Uphillsport’s unique multilayer structure allows the sock to ventilateand dry very fast. however medium in thickness.

The foot part of the Recon Sock has a fitted heel and elastane grip on the arch -This improves support mid foot, and adds comfort by keeping the sock in place, wrinkle free.

Merino is knitted as terry on the sole; this increases softness and comfort for every step. Merino also adds breathability.

Materials: 40% Merino Wool, 30% Coolmax, 15%Polyamide, 14% Polypropylene, 1% Lycra

4-Layer Drytech moisture transfer – Keeps feet cool during the day and warm and dry during the night.

Fitted heel and grip on the arch - improves mid-foot support
Merino on sole – Improves breathability, softness and temperature regulation.

Verkrijgbaar in de maten:

Small = EU 35-38
Medium = EU 39-42
Large = EU 43-46
XLarge = EU 47-50

Prijs:€ 26,00



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