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Bracelet Flaming Lizard Coyote

Bracelet Flaming Lizard Coyote

The bracelet is made of solid paracord 550 Type III which neither rots nor reacts to UV lights. It is also resistant to mildew and has a breaking strength of 250kg.

Flaming lizard is a kit that consists of 2 multifunctional wares: a bracelet and a lanyard. Both will be handy for starting a fire in an extreme situation.
By unweaving the bracelet you can get additional 3m of paracord that subsequently can be used in different situations.

Lanyard Lizard is made of special rope - flame cord. Thanks to its special weaving it can be quickly and easily unweaved.

Flame cord consists of innovative fuse which is water resistant and easy to burn.

Verkrijgbaar in de kleur: Coyote (COY)


COY-S = Coyote Small 21cm

COY-M = Coyote Medium 22.5cm

COY-L = Coyote Large 24cm

COY-XL = Coyote XLarge 25.5cm

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Price:€ 15,00



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