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Norwegian Thermal Overboot


Norwegian Thermal Overboot Olive

Mittet thermal overboots have been continuously developed in close cooperation with demanding users. The sole has been changed from high-density PU to microporous cold-resistant and high-insulating PU sole. This is aimed at reducing heat and cold crawling. The overboots must fit most types of boots. They are less noisy, also in normal use. Weighs only 800 gr., packs to small volume and is not damaged being rolled up. Another improvement is the ability to open it all the way down to the toe with a waterproof zipper and Velcro closure. This makes the overboot easy to enter / exit. In addition, internal tightening strap w / fast lock to close the shoes. The shaft consists of water repellent, yet breathable textile. This greatly avoids condensation. On top of the overboot there is an elastic lace lock with cordlock. All in all, the overboot appears in today's version with a better look and function than ever before.

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