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Kelty Varicom System Complete


Kelty Varicom System Complete

Comfort -1 tot -40 graden

COMPLETE VARICOM SLEEP SYSTEM INCLUDES: Delta Sleeping Bag, Gamma Sleeping Bag, VariCom Bivy, Compression Stuff Sack (Small), and Compression Stuff Sack (Large)

The VariCom offers a temperature comfort rating from. Included in the system is the Delta bag, made of water resistant nylon ripstop, offering a comfort rating of -1, the Gamma bag, designed for colder climates and made of water resistant nylon ripstop and the VariCom Bivy.

Compression Stuff Sacks (SJ050084 & SJ050085) included for easy deployment
Climashield® Combat insulation for maximum warmth and comfort
Double offset, differential cut construction eliminates cold spots
1.9 oz. Nylon ripstop outer and liner (Delta and Gamma bags)
Waterproof, breathable bivy sack for protection from extreme weather conditions
Oversized rectangular footbox for use with “Boots On”
Secondary closure system for quick exit and egress designed for cold weather use with “Gloves on”
Full-length, insulated draft tube prevents heat loss through zipper.
System compatibility with hydration tube and data cables
Color-coded zipper pulls and drawcords.
Small and large Waterproof Compression Stuff Sacks

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