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Sport Mask

Ademende, comfortabele Sport Mask

Verkrijgbaar in de kleuren:
Black = BK
Blue = BL
Red = RED

Nylon fabric with air permeable holes design, brings you breathable and comfortable wearing experience; The anti dust mask can prevent you from haze, dust, fog or air pollutant
Designed with 2 exhaust valves, air resistance is smaller, smooth breathing; Close the valve when inhaling to prevent air pollution and particulate matter; Open the valve as you exhale to expel moisture
A washable, reusable, economical and eco-friendly mask for you; With replacement filters design, easy to change, you can replace the filter based on using time and demand
With widen mask straps and magic sticker closure, you can adjust tightness to fit face size, ensure a good sealing performance and comfortable wearing experience
Available in black, camouflage, red and blue color for you to choose from; Package includes 1pcs mask, unisex size, suits for most women, men and seniors
5 filters included.

Prijs:€ 20,00



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