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Damascus V Force X5 XL


Damascus V Force X5 Size XL OP=OP!

#X5 V-FORCE® with SuperFabric® brand material Puncture Resistant finger tips
•Spandura® breathable backs
•Complete finger and thumb tip coverage for protection in the highest risk areas usingU.S. Made P+ SuperFabric® brand material
•Test results yield hypodermic needle puncture resistance in the finger tips up to 1.2 lbs of force
•Single layer of protection in the palms provides up to 5.5 lbf of cut protection
•Thin silicone pattern applied to key areas on palm-side for superior grip on any hard surfaces
•Extremely flexible for the most comfortable (effective) puncture resistant gloves in the market
•Velcro® closure strap with embossed logo
•Optimum for general search and duty use, airport screeners, etc.

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