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Hatch Special Warfare Glove


Hatch Special Warfare Glove. OP=OP!

Designed with the help of various special operation members, our Special Warfare Gloves are designed to provide maximum performance for underwater tactical operations.
•The Mustang Coefficient of Friction ‘CoF’ oiltack suede palms offer grip far superior to that of standard leather in wet conditions
•An additional WRX100 water-resistant treatment helps shed water quickly for further improved wet grip performance
•WRX100 also prevents the absorption of moisture, allowing the palms to retain their softness and feel even after prolonged use
•A 1.5mm neoprene shell works like a wetsuit to keep hands warm, and the CoolTex™ liner wicks moisture away from the hand for comfort and positive grip even in extreme conditions

Prijs:€ 20,00




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