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3D Thermo Ultralt LS Shirt White


3D Thermo Ultra light LS Shirt White

The revolutionary base layer for performance in total freedom, while always keeping warm an dry. Being kept straight in this compression top, your muscles oxygenate better and facilitate recovery after the effort. First developped for cyclists, it has now been adopted by runners, trail athletes, skiers and for all winters sports. Perfect from autumn to spring, it can also be worn as a base layer.

The 3D Thermo Ultralight Shirt is the ideal base layer for protection against the cold, evacuating perspiration so that your body has no need to fight to stay at the ideal internal temperature. As a result, your body can focus its energy, not on staying at the right temperature, but on the physical performance.

Thanks to the extreme fineness of the fibres and the 3D weave, the shirt has exceptional lightness and muslin softness. You cannot feel it against your skin, and it is very pleasant to wear.

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